PCB 2011-Pakistan

Project Christmas Blessing 2011 supported 600 needy children in Pakistan who live in impoverished conditions. Through generous contributions, truck loads of gifts and food staples were delivered to rural villages and to the brick kilns where people perform hard labor and live in a cycle of debt that enslaves them to the Muslim kiln owners.

Christians are discriminated against in Pakistan and are given the lowest, menial jobs. They do not have equal opportunities for education. Many of the children in the brick kilns are not able to attend school. There are Christian pastors who visit some of the brick kilns on a regular basis and teach the children about Jesus.

The PCB Team was greeted with great joy at each location where they would conduct a service and pass out gifts. Each of these children received a gift pack that included: a toy, socks, school supplies, soap, and candy. Parents were given care packs of food.

Christians in Pakistan suffer persecution daily in the form of discrimination on jobs and housing. They are often falsely accused of blasphemy by the Muslims. Many of the pastors have been beaten, kidnapped or imprisoned in the course of their lives. Entire villages have been burned. Please pray for the Christians in Pakistan that they will be strong in faith, and that God will supply their every need.

Letter from Pakistan

“Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We thank God for you and for your prayers for our protection and success to work by God’s grace for the Project Christmas Blessing.

This project has been done very wonderful and comfortable for the 600 poor children and 500 poor families especially around the bricks kilns. The poor children have received gifts bags with very useful items and poor people 500 families have received flour packages. It was the first time for the poor children in Pakistan that they have received very good gifts bags in their poverty condition and they felt big difference with big comfort and with very happy hearts…

At each location, we have spent a wonderful time, singing Christmas songs and sharing the short Christmas message with children and poor people. At the distribution of these gifts, each one seems very glad in God with thanks to the Lord.

Again: I appreciated and have many thanks for the Saints in the United States to support of Project Christmas Blessing. And Praise the Lord!!!”

In Christ,

Bro. S— and all saints in Pakistan.

Distribution Blessings

  • 600 children’s packs
  • 500 family packs
  • Flour
  • Food boxes
  • School supplies
  • Toys
  • Misc. (soap, socks, candy)