PCB 2012-Kenya & Honduras

Project Christmas Blessing 2012 assisted children and orphans in Honduras and Kenya. Each $15 donation sponsored a child to receive a gift and provided them with a Christmas dinner. Funds were donated to assist in the 2013 Huruma Orphanage Building Project. PCB was once again a success due to the sacrifices of both children and adults in the United States and Canada. Hundreds of children received gifts and “history was made” in the lives of many who faced an otherwise bleak time of year.


The distribution of gifts was centered around two native-run orphanages which are assisted by Africa Mission & Beyond. Gift Packs were made for 500 children. The Kuria Orphanage made a Christmas dinner and distributed 200 gift packs—many to children who would have been without. Huruma Orphanage had 300 care packages containing clothing, school supplies, flip-flops, soap, toothbrushes, snacks, and toys. There was great anticipation for Christmas day to arrive.

The orphanage prepared a wonderful dinner planning to serve around 150. Over 500 children and 100 adults showed up to partake of this Christmas miracle in the village. Orphanage staff was scrambling to meet the new demand. They went to town and purchased pencils and notebooks to distribute to the community children who didn’t want to be left out.

The morning began with prayers and was followed by teaching about the birth and life of Jesus. There was a follow-up message about the Church of God. Several came forward to be saved—some having never heard of the truth of salvation. The meal was served and graciously shared with all in attendance. Twelve baskets full may not have remained but all were provided for adequately. The blessings of God made for a wonderful day.

In addition to the food and gifts, over $4000 was donated for the orphanage dormitory building project.


Gift packs and food baskets were assembled and delivered house to house in impoverished areas on both the mainland and the island of Roatan. Those that helped distribute the gifts were overwhelmed by the positive response from the recipients of PCB. It provided a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ to people that didn’t attend services. As people opened their heart to receive the gift of love, they received a deeper message of the love of Jesus Christ.

Distribution Blessings

  • 600 child gift packs
  • Christmas dinner
  • flip-flops, toothbrushes, snacks, toys
  • school supplies, clothing
  • food baskets
  • dormitory building project at Huruma Orphanage Kenya