PCB 2019-Pakistan

Project Christmas Blessing 2019 was administered in the brick kilns of Pakistan. The “Care in the Kilns” campaign provided blankets, food, and gifts to poor children and families working in the brick kilns of Pakistan.

There are over 10,000 brick kilns in Pakistan. The workers often live in extreme poverty caught in a cycle of debt with the owners. It is a form of modern day slavery and can be read about in international news.

Michael and René Smith, with their son Ethan, traveled to Pakistan for the distribution. While challenging to implement all the facets of purchasing goods and distribution in a limited time, there was a wonderful support team of local men who worked with the PCB team tirelessly. Michael hired 8-10 men who assisted in all aspects of the program. They often worked through the night. Guards were necessary to watch over the vast supplies that were stored at a rented warehouse for the project. Days were spent shopping in the market for food, toys, and blankets and nights were spent sorting, dividing, and packing large bags of rice and sugar for the family packs.  There were incredible logistical issues with transportation and coordinating with leaders in various areas, but God blessed wonderfully.

Working in conjunction with local pastors, the PCB team visited numerous brick kilns where a gospel message was preached and blankets, bags of flour and food/gift packs were distributed. These impoverished families that toil with little pay making bricks received the blessings of love with joy. It was a delight to see the happiness of the children playing with new soccer balls. It is very cold and damp in Pakistan during the winter season, so large, thick family sized blankets were purchased.

Due to potential threats and problems from a village leader, the local PCB team had a PCB program with two different Christian schools after the team from the USA departed. A percentage of each donation was used to build permanent classrooms at a small Christian school that educates children and girls who would otherwise not be able to get an education. The school building project extended through 2020 and was a wonderful success and will be a lasting blessing.

The story of God’s love though the birth of His son Jesus was shared with hundreds of children and families.

Distribution Blessings

  • Blankets
  • School supplies
  • Food packs (flour, rice, sugar, salt, oil, cookies)
  • Soccer balls
  • Misc. (soap, balloons, candy)