PCB 2020-Around the World

Project Christmas Blessing 2019 was administered in the brick kilns of Pakistan. The “Care in the Kilns” campaign provided blankets, food, and gifts to the poor children of Pakistan.

Michael and René Smith, with their son Ethan traveled to Pakistan for the distribution. It was very challenging to implement all the facets of distribution in such a limited time but there was a wonderful support team of men who gave tirelessly of themselves the whole time we were there. Michael hired them to be available at any time and many of them slept at a warehouse we rented to guard the supplies at night. Days were spent shopping in the market and nights were spent sorting and dividing up large bags of rice and sugar for the family packs as well as planning for the exact amount to take to each distribution.

Working in conjunction with local pastors, they visited numerous brick kilns where a gospel message was preached and blankets, bags of flour and food/gift packs were distributed. These impoverished families that toil with little pay making bricks and live in debt to the kiln owners so they can never better their situation.

It is very cold and damp in Pakistan so we purchased very large, thick family sized blankets. There was also a distribution planned for a local Christian school which offers education for those who would not get it otherwise. A small percentage of each donation was spent to build permanent classrooms for this school. Due to the overwhelming success of the project, not 2 or 3 classrooms were built, but seven!!

The story of God’s love though the birth of His son Jesus was shared with hundreds of children. They will not soon forget the love they received .

Distribution Blessings

  • Blankets
  • School supplies
  • Food packs (flour, rice, sugar, salt, oil, cookies)
  • Soccer balls
  • Misc. (soap, balloons, candy)