PCB 2020-Around the World

Project Christmas Blessing 2020 was administered in countries around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a special outpouring of donations to reach out in love to impoverished children and families in many countries: Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania. PCB 2020 was a miraculous, record-breaking year with over $83,000 being raised!

Blessing the Servants

Many people have struggled during the pandemic due to economic hardship. This year, PCB targeted the families of servants around the globe: pastors, schoolteachers, gospel workers, etc. These are the individuals and families that are so often the first to give of themselves and the last to receive. PCB gave a meaningful, financial blessing to over 300 of these ministering servants who work in gospel and humanitarian fields; and PCB reminded them how much they are loved and appreciated for their daily sacrifice for the Lord and for others. They used their donations to buy gifts for their children and to assist the family with basic needs. This was received with great appreciation and thanksgiving from gospel workers and teachers in many countries.

PCB Distributions/Expansion

Project Christmas Blessing was able to expand in ways never yet seen since its inception in 2011. Blessing the “servants of the people” in poor countries was new for this year. However, in addition, multiple programs were organized in many countries and there were PCB distributions of gifts and needful food supplies to thousands of people living in poverty.

Orphans were provided with clothes and gifts in Kenya and India. There were outreach programs to the brick kiln workers in Pakistan. School children and orphans in Africa, India, and Pakistan were provided with gifts and the love of Jesus was shared with them. Over 60,000 lbs. of maize were distributed to people struggling to get food in Mozambique. Blankets, clothes, coats, and gifts were distributed during outreach programs in India to people living in the city slums, in the jungles, and at the tea plantations. Hot meals were provided at many locations around the globe for the poor, even reaching the gypsies living on the streets in India. Huruma Orphanage sponsored an outreach program to the poor in their community to bless them and share the love of God. Christian and Muslim widows were given help through PCB; and the lame were provided with wheelchairs, crutches, and food in Pakistan. Pakistan reported, “Your support made a big difference in many broken lives. The elderly/helpless/forgotten received the love of God….”

Mexico Trip

Michael Smith, Ethan Smith, and Colton Purvis made a quick trip to Mexico to purchase gifts and supplies for the congregation Ciudad Juárez. They organized a small community outreach in the barrios and distributed blankets to the Tarahumara Indians.

PCB Annual Project

Project Christmas Blessing also seeks annually to make a permanent difference with a major project (approximately 20% of each donation). In addition to the wonderful blessings described, PCB 2020 is financing the building of much needed living quarters for the teachers at Huruma Orphanage school.


Reports of great thanksgiving and rejoicing came from the recipients of PCB around the world. Hearts were gladdened, the hungry were fed, the cold were clothed, the widows and orphans were visited and blessed.

To each donor, thank you for your sacrifice. Most of all, we thank God for the gift of salvation and for providing an avenue by which we can all have a part in sharing the gospel and ministering to the poor to fulfill the commission of Christ.

  • “The ministers and families…received their offerings with thanks and testified that this blessing was the first of its kind since they had been in ministry.” —Nigeria
  • “Your love and funds made peace and blessings  for ministers and their families…to go toward for doing the Lord’s work. Your support to ministers made good comfort during the corona crisis.”  —Pakistan
  • “Pastors and families are happy and send more thanks….they extend their gratitude.” —Malawi/Mozambique
  • “We, the congregation of Politilly Bight, Roatan would like to extend to all of you a big THANK YOU! for your gift of love during this Christmas season.”  —Honduras
  • “Village poor people received blankets with many thanks.” —India
  • “A glorious worship service Christmas morning was accompanied with a PCB program. The congregation was so joyful!”  —Kenya
  • “The many precious gifts….from funds given by generous saints (PCB), were all greatly appreciated! Thank you.” —Mexico
  • “May God bless all the donors for their kindness as expressed by Christ in this special occasion. Thanking you.” —India

Distribution Blessings

  • Financial blessing for 236 ministers/elders and their families.
  • Gifts to over 150 orphans.
  • Financial gift to 66 teachers and orphanage staff members.
  • 60,000 lbs. of maize.
  • Food packs, blankets, clothing, gifts, etc. for hundreds of children and impoverished families.
  • Financed teacher housing project at Huruma Orphanage.



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